Dress Code etc
Players are requested to maintain a neat and tidy standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse.
Soft spikes or flat soled shoes are the only footwear to be worn on the course. Shoes worn on the course are not to be worn in the clubrooms.

Beach shorts, work jeans, singlets, gumboots, jandals and barefeet ARE NOT permitted.

Course Care:

              Enter the bunker at the lowest point.
              Pull rake towards you as you exit the bunker.
              Always leave the rake in the centre of the bunker.
              Do not pile up sand at the edge of the bunker.
Repairing Ball Marks:
              Start at the back of the mark and push forward with the repairer.
              Slowly ease the turf towards the centre of the mark. Do not lift
              soil upwards.
              Tap down lightly with your putter.
Repairing Divots:
               Replace divot where possible. If unable to replace divot tap in all
               sides of the divot with your club or shoe.
Damage to Greens:
               To prevent damage to the greens:
               Keep bags, trundlers and carts well away from the greens.
               Always lower the flag stick by club or hand.
               Always replace the flag stick in the centre of the cup.