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Junior Golf

Seeking Volunteers to Assist with Junior Golf

The Junior golf programme will kick off again on Friday 14 February 2020 (from 3.30pm to 5pm) and run through to the end of daylight saving. We have some volunteers helping but could use more.Alan Curie will provide coaching alternate weeks and the juniors will get out on the course the weeks he isn't there.ARE YOU ABLE TO HELP? If you can help (even if not every week) please call Mark Duston or Stewart Thomspon (numbers in the programme book).

Junior golfers are the future of our club and will keep the game alive and well.

We are looking for a minimum of five volunteers to join theManawatu-Wanganui Golf, in partnership with NZ Golf, programme to assist clubs with Junior programme development with the intention of making junior golf programmes at clubs sustainable. We want to be part of that programme which will result in:

  1. NZ Golf to provide each participant club a SNAG Golf Kit to the value of $5,000.
  2. Each participant club having a minimum of 5 volunteers trained to deliver junior sessions at the clubs. Training will be conducted by NZ Golf and Rhys Watkins.
  3. Once training complete a 5 week training programme to be delivered to young golfers new to the game.
  4. Clubs will be provided with $50 per session (this could be used to provide vouchers to volunteer coaches for their time, otherwise for the club to do as they please).
  5. The Futures club kit to be provided to each club which has resources on running a session – particularly games to include in the sessions.
  6. Once programme is complete, we will work with each club to help with resources to maintain a sustainable programme with the trained volunteers to lead.

Each club needs to identify the 5 volunteers to take part in the training.

We have been approached by a couple of schools wanting to integrate in their school programme which we have had to turn away at this time. Once we have completed the programme we may be able to help them out and will have some awesome resources to encourage juniors into the game.

Previous Years Information

Some of the historical junior's information is here.