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Member only news, such as club newsletters, minutes of Player's Committee meetings and the like are in the "Member Information" section.  You must be logged on, with your number and password, to see this information.  If you don't have a logon, you can create one at Signup - Golf New Zealand.

Caravan Park

Caravan and van parking is currently not available at the club.

Junior Program

Our Junior summer coaching program re-started on Friday 29th October at 3:30pm.  All experience levels welcome, from beginners to experienced.  Equipment available if you don't have any.  Parent/Caregiver volunteers are also welcome.  Please register your interest by filling out this form. Registered families will receive an email with details.

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We also have a Junior tournament (all experience levels welcome) on Sunday 21st November 2021.  Enter with this form.

Social Media

Social media is an important communication mechanism for the club, and we now have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  If you use these, please follow us.  Please note our social media policies when commenting or posting content related to the club.

Covid-19 Alert Level 2

(Updated Wenesday 8th September after proclamation of Alert Level 2 (Delta mode) for New Zealand south of Auckland.

New Zealand (south of Auckland) entered Covid-19 Alert Level 2 at midnight on Tuesday 7th September 2021.  The club is open with limitations under Government Covid-19 alert level 2 rules.

The clubhouse, practise facilities, and bathroom/toilet facilities are open.
Due to restrictions, if you expect food or a cart booking, you should call in advance to let us know your requirements, to avoid disappointment.
Everyone on club property must be registered.  
Regular playing group haggles can resume.  Guidance for haggle convenors is here.
Follow all Government mandates:  stay at home if unwell, maintain physical distance from others, wear a mask in club premises.
Player and visitor details are available here.

Covid-19 Operating Modes

At a high level, we are likely to operate as follows (subject to any updated Government rules):

Covid-19 Alert level Status
Level 4 Club completely closed.  No one is to come to the club.
Level 3 Clubhouse closed.  9 holes of exercise allowed to current financial members of the club, only in household bubbles.  Pre-booking and registration required.  
Level 2 Clubhouse open with restrictions, physical distancing, and table service only.  Regular haggles may play, all other golf must be pre-booked in advance.  Restrictions on open tournaments.
Level 1 Normal golf, with care.