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Levin Golf Club celebrated it's centenary in 2011.
Although the Club was founded in 1911 it has had several previous locations but  found its final home in 1950 when the land at Moutere Road was acquired. The course was designed by Mr Reg Butters professional golfer from Paraparaumu.This was a “Greenfield” project set in the coastal strip between Lake Horowhenua and the sealine on the western coast of the North Island. The area was basic scrub and gorse and involved substantial soil and sand sculpture and movement in the early 50s.  A small band of loyal volunteers  began clearing the 120 acres and the course was constructed from the ravages of nature.
The original clubhouse, which had been at all previous locations, survived another move and was relocated onto the new site early 1952.

Levin Golf Club is fortunate to have a museum showcasing the history of the club. The museum is situated by the first tee and  was previously the manager’s office and golf shop. These have now been relocated upstairs to the entrance of the clubhouse. The museum contains an extensive display and memorabilia through the ages covering the first 100 years of the Club. The walls hold hundreds of photos of local, national and professional events.
The museum is open 7 days a week from 9am to 3pm