Committees / Board

The club is administered by the Board of Management, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting in March each year.

Levin Golf Club Board of Management
Office Name Term Responsibilities
President Mark Duston ends March 2024 Board Chair
Board Member Ernie Leslie ends March 2024 Course Convenor
Board Member Corey McAleese ends March 2024 Marketing and Membership
Board Member Tony Newling ends March 2025 Membership, Calendar
Board Member Barry Rollinson ends March 2025 Finances

Playing operations of the club are administered by the Player's Committee, which is elected at the Annual Player's Meeting in November each year.

Levin Golf Club Player's Committee
Office Name Representing
Chair and Captain Brian Wicker 18 Hole Men
9 Hole Vice Captain Max Simmons 9 Hole Mixed Group
18 Hole Vice Captain John Sorensen 18 Hole Late Starter Men
Interclub Brett Gordon 18 Hole Early Starter Men
  Ray Grout 18 Hole Men
  Rick Burns 18 Hole Men
  Various Ladies delegates 18 Hole Ladies