In preparation for the Levin Golf Club Centenary in 2011, then member of the Centennial Committee Alan Kearns (who later served as President) collected a great deal of memorabilia and set up a club museum.  As the space needed renovation for weather proofing, the museum doesn't currently have a space and it is our intention to recreate it virtually.  Volunteers most welcome, please contact the Captain.

The following was extracted from the Centennial booklet created in 2011 and available at our Virtual Museum anchor page.

First record of golf:  1909, Sand Hill, Hokio Beach.

Official commencement of Levin Golf Club:  1911 at J. McDonald's property, The Main Road, Koutaroa.  The first 14' by 8' clubhouse was built and there were 25 members.

In 1916, the club moved to The Lake Links behind Te Kowhai.

In 1927, the club moved to F. Davis property, and called Heatherlea Links, at The Avenue, Koputaroa.

In 1933, the club moved back to The Lake Links behind Te Kowhai.

In 1947, the club moved to Cheslyn Rise Links (property of W G Adkin?), Queen Street East.

All of these locations had various issues, including needing to be used for Agriculture during the war, having limited space (courses of 7 holes and 9 holes at some points), and frequent flooding.  Land was selected and aquired at Moutere Road in 1950.  A new course was designed by Mr Reg Butters, professional golfer from Paraparaumu. This was a “Greenfield” project set in the coastal strip between Lake Horowhenua and the sealine on the western coast of the North Island. The area was basic scrub and gorse and involved substantial soil and sand sculpture and movement in the early 50s. A small band of loyal volunteers began clearing the 120 acres and the course was constructed from the ravages of nature.

Finally, in 1952 the club moved to its current location, Moutere Links on Moutere Road, and the official opening was held on April 26th.

The original clubhouse, which had been at all previous locations, survived another move and was relocated onto the new site early 1952.  It has been extended and modified since then.