Become A Member

We welcome all membership enquiries and have a range of options.

You can download and print a membership application form here and download and print the Code of Conduct here (needs to be signed and handed in with your membership application form). 


Full playing member $1100
Full playing member (21-35 years)      $725
Country1 $575
Junior Under 21 $250
Junior Under 18 (not at school) $125
Junior (full time school student, up to age 18) $50
Summer playing member2 $635
9 hole member $630
Summer 9 hole2 $390
Non Playing Member $100
Introduction to Golf Categories3
New to Golf Non Affiliated $230
She Loves Golf $230
Transition to Full Membership $5754
Members from outside the Horowhenua area5
Pay / Play Full $580 plus $10 per round
Pay / Play 9 Hole $360 plus $5 per round
Remote6 $290 plus $10 per round
Regular Visitor $1757
Affiliated Sports Club Membership
When MOU is in place $5008
  1. Only available if you are a member of another affiliated golf club and the combined subscription of both clubs is not less than our full playing subscription.  Must live more than 12.5km from the corner of Queen and Oxford Streets, Levin.  No green fees.  Not entitled to play in club trophy tournaments (can use Pay and Play for this privilege)
  2. Summer membership for full and 9 hole runs from 1 October to 31 March – can play in club trophy competitions if a member for the entire duration of the competition.
  3. No official handicap.  Ideal for people new to golf and wanting to gain experience and confidence where member play using the “It’s okay” rules rather than the strict rules of golf. Limited to 12 months period before moving to Transition to Full category.
  4. Member has a handicap.  Available for the financial year after transition from New to Golf or she Loves Golf category.
  5. The Horowhenua area runs from Himatangi to the north to Tokomaru to the east and Manukau South Road to the South.  Not available to existing members.
  6. New Remote Memberships only available to people living more than 100kms from the corner of Queen and Oxford Streets, Levin.  Not entitled to play in club trophy tournaments (can use Pay and Play for this privilege).
  7. Regular visitors can purchase green fees packs of $120 for six rounds.
  8. Available to: Financial members of Levin Football Club, Levin Athletic Rugby Club, Weraroa Cricket Club and College Old Boys Rugby Club on production of approve letter from their club.

Members in subscription arrears are not eligible to compete in club tournaments and may be charged a green fee until their payments are up to date.

Please contact the office for more information.

Phone: 06 368 6189


Please don't use the form below - it is much quicker to download the forms at the top of the page, fill them in, and send them to use or bring them to the clubhouse.


Membership Form


Privacy Statement: The information collected in this form will be used in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act of 1993. The information will not be used for any other purpose than for a lawful purpose connected to the Club. By submitting this form, you acknowledge your rights to view and amend the information.